Childhood Reminiscing #1 – August 16th 2017

Hello there you guys! How cool is it that I am back with 2 posts in 2 days? Today, I want to talk about my childhood and about some great memories I have. To be honest, I have LOADS but I had to choose a couple of them so I can talk about them really … Continue reading Childhood Reminiscing #1 – August 16th 2017


Pick Up Lines Series (#4) [Women] – March 12th 2017

Hello there everybody! How are you doing? You do realize it's March 12th already? We're already 71 days in 2017! Where did time go?? Anyways. Today's post is about Women's pick up lines, as in ones said by women. They're really cringe-worthy (most of them) so I won't even classify them, I'll just put them … Continue reading Pick Up Lines Series (#4) [Women] – March 12th 2017