Half a year. – July 1st 2017

Good evening ladies and gents! How are you all doing?

I feel like I haven’t written in a while… I mean, it has been 11 days! But today is a pretty special day because it is the middle of the year. And what does that mean?

1. It means that Christmas is in less than 6 months and that is AWESOME. I cannot wait for Christmas because this is the best part of the year.

2. It means that in 6 months we will have to get used to writing 2018 on our sheets and work.

3. It means that I have had this blog for 6 whole months. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL! I mean, there is still not too many people reading apart from my mother and a few friends and some people I don’t know…
To be fair, I was hoping I would have a little bit more readers by now. I actually had a lot of hopes for this blog… I still do, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but think that I might not have enough interesting things to tell you about… I’ll be better in the next 6 months, I promise!

4. It means that I can actually start the countdown to my 21st birthday.

5. It means that I can actually start the countdown to Christmas. I know I’ve already said that but I get really excited when Christmas time comes… you can see that on my latest Instagram post! 😉

6. It means that we get in this period of time when every body is on holiday sunbathing n the beach and having fun while I am working my ass off in Switzerland. Again, I love it, don’t get me wrong. It just is unfair how life gave me friends (and a mother) who aren’t bothered to find a job and have 3-month-long summer holidays.

To be honest, this whole post was supposed to be a “thank you guys for bearing with me for the past 6 months” post but I kinda got carried away.
Thank you so much to every one who has read these posts from around the world (I see where you live… I had an Australian reader! Don’t hide, mate!).
Thank you so much for following me on my Instagram and liking my posts and everything! Thanks to you all, I even had a company contacting me for a collaboration for fitness outfits and workout essentials.
Thank you so much for watching my first 3 YouTube videos. I will do a lot more this month and in August and I am going to start singing so you can hear some other stuff than just me talking for 8 minutes.
Finally, thank you so much for all the lovely messages I got regarding my big project I told you about: writing a novel. In 2 months, I have written 25% of it; I am so proud of this! I hope to finish by the end of the year and publish it so you all can have a look at it (even you, Australian reader)!

I promise to be better at writing posts in the next 6 months and posting YouTube videos and Instagram posts and being motivational and showing you how good I am managing my life.
I promise to write some more texts like Open Letters and Series I have wanted to start.

I love you all so much, be safe and happy 6-month birthday again,

C:G xxx


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