Catching Up & New Project – June 1st 2017

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing?

I am soooooo sorry I haven’t written in a while… but I’ve been doing stuff… kinda. I’m going to tell you everything.
But first… can we just talk about how difficult it is to go from an AZERTY keyboard (French) to a QWERTY (English) to a QWERTZ (Switzerland)? I am struggling so much to find the right key for the right letter and the right symbol… so it takes me so much more time to write! Anyway. Let me tell you what I’ve been through these last 12 days.

1. I have been working for my internship I have to do during 6 months (I told you about it before, right?) 

I have such weird working hours… When I do the Morning Shift, I work from 6.30am to 3.30pm. When I do the Evening Shift, I work from 2.30pm to 11.30pm. Might sound long but, to be honest, time flies really fast when you’re doing something (which you always are).

2. I have been reading a lot more.

I decided that it would be really good for me to read more so I took my Kindle (urgh) out of my drawer and turned it on. I read 3 books in 10 days and they’ve inspired me so so so much for my personal everyday life (and for my professional life as well and my relationships with people and so on).

3. I have been taking time for me.

My parents went on holidays for 5 days with friends. In the meantime, I was (obviously) going to work but I also took time to pamper myself and feel fresh!
I took a bath, worked out (not in that order, though), watched movies on the couch, went for a walk by the Lake, sang (a WHOLE FUCKING LOT, I think my neighbors hate me now…) and made myself comfortable (translation: I’ve stayed in my PJ’s as long as I could, laid on the couch/my bed with no make up on and my greasy disgusting hair tied up in a bun so nobody would see it.

4. The most important.

I want to tell you about this New Project I have. It has nothing to do with health, having a cute body for October or going on holiday with my best friends but…


Okay, might not be a big deal to you guys but it is to me!

I have been wanting to write a book since I was.. too young to remember and I am finally doing it!
It is not all done yet (I don’t even have a title, to be honest…) but I’ve written down loads of ideas and I have written a few chapters already!

I would tell you what it is about but… it would ruin the whole thing. I will finish it by the end of 2017 (which, can I just point out, is not that far away… writing-a-book-wise) and I will try my best to publish it as soon as I can (because that’s what I want).

This project if like a childhood dream coming true and I can’t wait to tell you more about it! (It’s not like I couldn’t… I’m not some sort of big superstar who can’t tell anything without her management approving it first… but still.)


Thank you all so much for reading (actually, thanks Mum for reading and thank you to the 4 other people coming from my Facebook profile)!

Lots of love,

C.G xxx


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