Open Letter #2 (F.) – May 9th 2017

I’ve never really had girl friends. I don’t like girls. They act all lovey-dovey in front of you but they say the bitchiest things when you’re not listening. But I have this one girl friend who happens to be my best friend: you.

Today, Facebook told me it was our 4-year anniversary on there. Wow.
But it’s been way longer, hasn’t it? If I’m being honest, I don’t feel like it has been so long.

I met you on my very first day of high school, back in Brittany. You looked so sure of everything, such a self-confident person… I didn’t like when I first saw you. You didn’t either, if I can remember it well. You thought I was a stupid little kid and I thought you were a stuck-up, fucked up bitch always dressing up to be seen and to be different. I really didn’t like you.
But then it changed. As the days passed, as the seasons changed, I saw another part of you, I learned to know you more and in different aspects. I started liking you.

Since then, our friendship has been weird. Although we’re very truthful to each other and you tell me straight away when I fuck things up, we keep on being this kind of “lovey-dovey” I hated with every other girl.
We’re the kind to write “I love you’ all over the place and to hug for hours and spend hours on the phone talking about girly stuff… and then we just act like fucked-up boys, laughing our asses of about a bitch falling off her 20-centimeter-high shoes.

You’re not the type of girl who acts all “lovey-dovey, urgh” like and then bitches me when I’m not listening.
You’re the kind to act all bitchy when I’m here and then all lovey-dovey when I’m not listening.
You’re the kind to stick up for me when I’m not here and someone’s being bitchy.
You’re not like any other girl. And that’s why I love you.

I’m not very good at telling people I love them and I don’t think I tell you enough how amazing you’ve been for me throughout the years. You’ve been the best girl friend I’ve ever had, you’ve helped me up when I was on the floor, put me back down when I was flying too high… When I had a break-down, you’d be there to hold me while telling me the painful truth I was trying to hide from.

I’m not very good at telling people I love them even if I write it down every time I’m talking about you or to you.
But I want you to know, on our 4-year anniversary on Facebook, that I love you more than words could tell, more than a movie could show, more than a sound could…- I think we got it. I love you. To the moon and back, twice.

Keep being the amazing person you are, keep being the nicest bitch I’ve ever met, keep asking me to marry you, keep dancing, keep laughing, keep loving life, keep doing what you do best… I’ll love you forever, no matter what.

All the best,

C.G xxx


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