Pride – May 8th 2017

Good morning ladies and gents! It’s been a while since I last posted anything and I wanted to give you an update of what’s going on!

As you all know, I now live with my parents and have a full-time job (which is really an internship but it’s kind of like a job and yeah). I don’t have a lot of time left during the week for myself and specially for things like YouTube videos or writing. But today is my day off so I use it to answer people’s texts I haven’t answered in a week, prepare posts for you, Instagrams, you name it. (I also do the laundry and cleaning and stuff, by the way… Not sure you need to know this, though.)

Today’s post is going to take you back to my New Life, New Body post I wrote on Feb. 5th.
When I moved in, my dad and I decided that it was time for me to get back to this body I had when I was younger. That’s the point: I don’t want a “New Body”, I want my old body back. I am eating healthy, doing sport (going for 3km walks and doing CrossFit exercises at home), eating proteins in the morning… It might not sound a lot to you but I swear to anyone up there that, being the big eater I am, it is a lot and it is hard.
Anyway, I’ve been doing this for a week and I’ve lost 1kg already. Again, this doesn’t sound like a lot but hey, it’s a lot to me.

I’m giving you this link to one of my best friends’ Instagram post where she says it very well: it doesn’t matter what people say about you, it doesn’t matter that you’re only doing one push-up, it doesn’t matter that you don’t go as fast as other people. What matters is that you love your body and you’re proud of it. Losing 1kg is a huge first step for me towards a journey of 20kg more to lose, and I’m not even ashamed anymore.
I don’t care that half of my friends read this or what people might think about having to lose 20kg.
I’m going to be honest with you guys: I fucked up. And I fucked up good. During the three years of my life where I lived alone for my studies, I was drinking beers a lot, eating pizzas and M&M’s when I wasn’t feeling great (and that was veeeeeery often)… And now, bam. 20kg I have to lose somehow.

Therefore, I’m on a diet.
But believe me, it’s not hard. If I can do it, anyone can. If I can not drink for a month, stop M&M’s and pizzas and eat vegetables and proteins, everybody can.
If I can wake up at 9am and go walking for an hour, everybody can. Because I am the least sporty person I know, the least motivated when it comes to eating healthy… But I need to do something and I need it now.

This blog post isn’t called “Pride” for nothing. What I am telling you is simple: I need to be on a diet because I have 20kg to lose and I’m not proud of that. But if you are, if you love your body the way it is and don’t have any risk of diseases or whatever that might come with overweight, be proud of it.
Be proud of who you are, whether it’s weight-wise or any other feature you might have that people make fun of. It doesn’t matter what THEY say. What really counts is how you feel.

I hope this motivational post will help you out. I love you all, even if you’re overweight.


C.G xxx


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