Happy International Women’s Day! – March 8th 2017

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing?

As you all know, today is International Women’s Day. WHY? Not “why” as in “why is it today” but “why” as in “why is there an international women’s day”. I’m not good at feminism, taking part in manifestations and having an opinion that’s so important in our world. Does that even make sense? Never mind.

Anyway, so 8th of March 2017: Women’s Day. I hate to call it that. Today is nothing more than a normal day. Why the bloody hell do we celebrate women on a “special” day? I feel like it makes me angry for two reasons.
ONE: There is a “Hey, let’s celebrate women” Day but there isn’t any “Hey, let’s celebrate men” Day. We (as in women) have been fighting so hard to get the same rights as men yet we still want our own Day. We’re also ones to expect men to pay for us at the restaurant, get us presents for Valentine’s Day, make the first move… If I’m completely honest, we’re b*tches!
TWO: The simple fact that there is a “Hey, let’s celebrate women” Day shows that they’re not supposed to be celebrated, respected or whatever you want to call it, any other f*cking day of the year! What the bloody hell!
I know this is kind of being angry for one thing and its opposite, but still!

I’m not one to get angry at things like that because I’m not a feminist or anyone that walks down the street with a cardboard over my head. But today, I saw a Facebook post that said that women were amazing, that men had to take notes, that being friends with women was better because women are not ones to seek attention, money or whatsoever…

You know what? Let me tell you my opinion. I have always had boy friends. Friends that are boys. I’ve always had best friends that were boys and THANK GOD they were not girls.
1/ Boys don’t go on their period and suddenly start bitching about everything, everyone… They just are… boys.
2/ They are frank: if they don’t like something you did, said or what you’re wearing, they will tell you.
3/ If you’re out with them and some random weird guy shows up and starts hitting on you, one of them always pretends to be your boyfriend to defend you.
4/ They give actual meaningful advice on this dress you want to buy when you take them shopping. They’re not jealous that you’ll have the same as theirs.
5/ If you ever get cold whilst in the cinema or watching a movie at home or whatever, they lend you their sweater even though it’s way too big for you. (Plus, it smells so bloody good!)

As I said above, we (women) have fought so hard to get the same rights as men and yet we still expect to be treated differently. Girls, pick a side: either you want to be treated like men (and therefore don’t have a special day, don’t have the restaurant paid every damn time, blablabla…) OR you want to have this freaking special day and accept that men make inappropriate jokes about us being in the kitchen.
You know what? Scratch that! There is no need for an International Women’s Day! If you love a woman, just tell her everyday! If yo love a man, tell him every day! A woman’s place isn’t in the kitchen, nor it is the man’s place to lay on the sofa all day! Stop assuming people have to do that because they’re men or women or dogs or goldfish or wat f*cking ever!
Am I inferior to men because I’m a girl? Is my best friend better than me because he’s a guy? No.
Do I have to be cooking while my husband watches TV because I’m a girl? No.
Do I have to be doing all the cleaning because I’m a f*cking woman? No!
Is my only break on the 8th of March because I’m a woman? No, no, no! Stop with your f*cking prejudices!

Anyway, that’s it for today, folks. I’m sorry for this long post, I guess I just had to get it all out. Is there anything you hate about gender equality/inequality?

I love you,

C.G xxx


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