What do you call “home”? – March 6th 2017

Good evening you lovely people! How are you all doing?

I’m going to tell you a secret: I have so many different things to do… but I’ve been straightening my hair and thinking about this blog post instead. It is 7pm and I’m exhausted.

I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers writing a speech I have to do tomorrow at school when I thought about something. The truth is, I always think about a lot of things. But this time, it actually stayed in my mind wandering for a little while : what do you call home.

I’ve started to write a song a few months ago about that and I never finished it simply because I did not have time. I still don’t, to be honest, but I gave up on it anyway. I know that’s bad. Please don’t judge me.

Anyway, I’ve decided to turn that song into a blog post and a bloody long text.

What do you call “Home”?

Is “home” the place where you grew up? Is it where you are right now? Is it this house you’ve been living in for so long you can’t actually remember?
Is “home” a person you love more than anyone in the world? Is it a text you like reading? Is it the bed you’re laying in? Is it a whole country? A movie?
Is “home” that new Ed Sheeran song you’ve been listening to on repeat for the last two days?
Is “home” a state of mind?

Is it a snowy landscape? A crowded place? A sold-out arena? An empty restaurant?
Is “home” standing there under the pouring rain, not caring about being sick tomorrow?
Is “home” the taste of the tears rolling down your face, hidden in your bed?

Is “home” your sister, locked in her room watching some dumb TV show on replay?
Is it a sad friend you’re trying to cheer up?

You’re walking around, trying to fix everyone when you’re the one who’s broken.

I tried so hard to help, and all it’s done is made things worse. Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, because I don’t want to play anymore. All it does is make you care too much. The more you care the more you have to lose.” Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Is “home” these quotes you love and keep whispering to yourself at night?

Is “home” Niall Horan’s This Town played over and over until you know every word, until you want to give The Voice a try with that song?

Is “home” that huge house you celebrated your 10th birthday in? Is it this flat you celebrated your 11th birthday in? Is it this house where you stopped playing piano? Is it this house you were in before you moved again for studies? Is it this ridiculously big flat you’re sharing with your sister 2 hours away from your parents?

Is “home” all these places you’ve visited? Is “home” this huge notebook with hundreds of texts in it? Is it the guy you’re in love with? Is it school? Is it a pen? A teddy bear? A stuffed do with big blue eyes and a crown on its head?

Is “home” is escaping in that novel you’re writing, hidden between two pages, behind a chapter, scrunched in the remains of drafts? Is “home” a poem you wrote when you were 16?

Is “home” saying I love you to the ones you care about? Is it reading Harry Potter all over again? Is it laying under your covers watching Joe Sugg fooling around on YouTube?

Is “home” your biggest dreams and your greatest fears? Is “home” happiness? Is “home” a laugh you hear in the background? Is “home” writing on your computer at 11pm when you’re supposed to be sleeping? Is “home” keeping your eyes open to see what’s going on before your eyes in your favorite TV series?

What about you guys? What do you call “home”?

I love you all,

C.G xxx


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