E-Scape & Down Days – Feb. 21th 2017

Good morning everyone! How have you been doing?

I hope you had a lovely weekend (I did) and you’re all ready to go through this new week coming ahead! I am, to be honest. I’ve rested a lot during this weekend, I had some friends over alllllll Saturday and we had fun and played board games and Twister and asked stupid questions about each other…
I drove them home at 10pm and went to bed because I was knackered and I had to get up extra early on Sunday to pick my sister up from the train station as she had spent the weekend at a friend’s house.

I’m not going to lie: I started writing this post on Sunday (Feb. 19th) and I’m struggling so hard to finish it… I feel like I have a lot to tell but I can’t find the right words. Have you ever had a situation like this one?

To be honest, I’m not feeling too good these days: I miss my best friend way too much, school is getting kind of overwhelming both in the best and the worst ways, my sister is in a worse mood everytime she gets home, no matter what happens or what I say.
Do you ever feel like some days are way too hard for you even do anything? That’s the kind of day today has been: I didn’t feel like doing anything in terms of school, important things but neither did I do things I love like singing, writing or reading… I just stood there watching time passing by, every second longer than the one before. To be honest, I hate this kind of days.

Without any transition, I’d like to go back to my Sunday evening. My sister (who was in a good mood, for a change) and I drove about an hour away from home to a lovely little park (it’s actually very very big) and laid there in the sun for an hour and a half reading.
The book I read was Joe Sugg‘s Username:Evie and I loved it.
[The links I put is Joe’s YouTube channel and a link to Amazon to order the book].
So, not to spoil or anything but the whole book is about a virtual world called E-Scape. And on Sunday, that’s kind of what I felt like. Laying in the grass with my sunglasses on, sitting on my leather jacket with Joe’s book in my hands, I felt like I was escaping to another world, a virtual world I could visit, in which I could walk around, see people, be myself.

I’m going to tell you a secret: you guys are my sunday afternoon, my sweet escape, my virtual world where I can finally be me. Is it weird that I’d rather be with you guys than in the real world? What I call “the real world” is the world where you wake up every morning, go to bed every night, walk to go to school, go shopping… I don’t know you in this world and neither do you. That’s way better though. I’m not the same person in the real world than I am over here: I am different with every person I speak to and depending on the moment, I can be a whole other version of me with one person only. Does that make sense? Let’s take Baby for example, my best friend. Sometimes I’m all lovey-dovey with him, or I can be the world’s worst b*tch or the worst friend, or the bestest friend. The same goes on with my other best friend Love, his girlfriend (I’m gonna call her LoverGirl) or my family. When I write to you guys, I just get truthful, real, realistic, myself… For some reason, I’m more me when I speak English online. For a french-speaking  girl doing hospitality (therefore offline and very people-oriented), that’s pretty weird.

You know what? That makes me think about another blogpost idea. Next one will be about my biggest dream(s).

Anyway, I hope you’ll have a good week, see you soon and I love you loads,

C.G xxx


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