How To Survive Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14th 2017


Hello there everyone! How are y’all doing?

As you’ve all seen, today is National “Look At How Cute My Girl/Boyfriend And I Are” Day, a.k.a Valentine’s Day! And today, like every day since last year (it’s actually been way over a year), I’m single. I’m not complaining, to be honest. There are loads of positive aspects of not being in a relationship.

  1. You can watch tonight’s PSG-Barcelona football match.
  2. You don’t have to be physically perfect for anyone.
  3. If you don’t want to get dressed on Sundays (or every other day, that is), you don’t have to.
  4. You don’t have to take anyone to the restaurant tonight.
  5. You don’t have to buy presents to anyone (apart from Christmas and birthdays).
  6. You don’t have to wake up and see his/her face EVERY SINGLE MORNING!

Being completely truthful, though, being single is also boring and it has loads of bad aspects.

  1. You don’t have anyone to cuddle when you come home after a long day.
  2. You don’t have anyone to talk to when you need to.
  3. You told your boss you were free tonight to go to work.
  4. If you don’t work, you’re going to spend the evening with your sister/brother.
  5. You don’t recieve any presents once in a while.
  6. You don’t have anyone to sing the songs you love to (which, can I just point out, is not that bad because we usually don’t sing as good as we think we do).
  7. Nobody sends you cute messages during the night for you to look at when yo wake up.
  8. You always have a crush on the wrong person (someone who is already in a relationship, someone famous, a fictional character…).

I could actually list more of these cons but I feel like you won’t read them all. Anyway. Because I’ve pointed out that being single sucks, I’ve made up a few tips to survive Valentine’s Day.

  • Eat pancakes (Nutella makes it work better, but if you don’t like it, you can have maple syrup or anything else you like)
  • Eat a bowl-full of M&M’s (or any sweets you like, preferably with chocolate)
  • Wear an over-sized sweatshirt (better if it has a man’s smell)
  • Invite some of your best friends for a sleepover
  • Get some alcohol (tequila, rum and beers are suggested but you can drink vodka if you want to)
  • Watch one (or more) of the love movies listed below:
    • The Fault In Our Stars
    • Love Actually
    • The Notebook
    • Titanic
    • PS I love you
    • Me Before You (this movie actually made me cry my eyes out for 25 minutes after it ended).
    • Any other movie you like, but it has to be a love one and/or a sad one.

I think these tips can help you out for tonight. However, if you’re one of these superhumans who don’t care about Valentine’s Day and won’t change anything, please e-mail me: and let me know how you do this!

Anyway, I love you all (wether you’re single or taken, married or divorced, in love with some famous person (keeping in mind you can’t have Joe Sugg because he’s MINE), in love with someone you can actually have…)

C.G xxx


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