Victories & Motivation – Feb. 9th 2017

Hello there lovely people!

Victories & Motivation – Feb. 9th 2017

How are you? I’ve been on my diet for almost 5 days now (which is really not a lot) and I’ve been posting most of my meals on Instagram with #frombuddhatoappolon to keep me motivated and it’s actually working quite well!

I have been through hard times already like the aftermath of my workout sesh on monday evening, the fact that my legs hurt so daaaaaaaaaamn much and a huge craving for sweets and McDonald’s.
And that’s precisely what I wanted to talk about today: McDonald’s. I drove a friend back to his house yesterday after my theatre class and drove past a McDonald’s to gome back home. And I would have died for a McFlurry with Caramel and M&M’s and a large Coke. But I didn’t stop. And that, my friends, was yesterday’s daily victory.

A few days ago (actually, the same day that I decided I was on a diet again), I decided that I had to be happy. Why?, you may ask. Because I need to. If not for me, for people living around me. But mostly for me. Therefore, I decided to try and find ONE victory and ONE thing I did that make me happy each and every single day. So far so good!

What are your daily victories? What are the things that make you happy everyday?

I hope you can find some, tell me in the comments down below, I’d be happy to read what makes YOU happy!

I love you all,

C.G xxx


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