New Website & End of an Era – Jan. 31st 2017

Hello there!

Today is an important day for me for a lot of different reasons and I want to share them with you guys.

One, I made up this entire new website today that is way better-looking than the old one and where I can put way more things and I like it better. How do you like this website? Please feel free to comment!

Two, I have spent these last four months working on a group project that took a lot of time, a lot of energy… but now it’s over! The written part was due a month ago but the oral part was today and it went very well! So now is the time where I lay on my couch listening to some of my favorite music on Spotify and watching series on Netflix.

I really really wish I could, actually… but that’s not what I will be doing. Why, you may ask.
A) Because I have some more work to do which sucks but I have to do it anyway… and
B) Because my sister wants me to go grocery shopping with her… which I won’t because she doesn’t need me.

Anyway, I love you all,

C.G xxx


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