Panic attacks – Jan. 18th 2017


Sunday was a very stressful day for me and I have had a panic attack.

I was onstage with a few friends, rehearsing for a show next Sunday and I suddenly felt dizzy. One of my friends didn’t realize straight away and kept annoying me but he stopped when I yelled at him: I never yell at him.

Anyway. While I was having my panic attack, sat on a chair in the freezing cold outside of the building, I realized a few things and made up a few tips.

  1. Do NOT close your eyes when you feel panicky and you’re on stage because there’s a slight chance you might fall off and hurt your arm.
  2. Do NOT go outside to breathe and feel better because you’ll be cold as F… and you won’t actually feel better.
  3. If you ever end up outside, do NOT cry because your tears freeze on your cheeks and it hurts.
  4. When your friends come to check on you, do NOT push them away, especially not the one who wants to hug you tight because he likes you A LOT. Even if he’s younger.
  5. Do NOT try and call your ex-boyfriend thinking it’ll be a good idea because it WON’T. I promise you it won’t.

Have you ever had a panic attack? Please tell me how you avoid them, I really need it…

Anyway, I love you all,

C.G xxx




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