Comments – Jan. 10th 2017


Today’s post will be very short, probably the shortest of this blog. This has a very good reason: I just have something to tell you that wouldn’t require a blog post if I had other ways of contacting you.

I am 20 years old and I grew up with computers and cell phones in my hands simply because my dad is an IT (Information Technology) engineer. Basically, he works on computers. Anyway. So, I first got Facebook when I was 12 because my parents didn’t want me to have it before and I got my first phone when I was 11 because my sister and I needed a phone to go on holidays with school. I had a shared phone with my little sister.

Today, I have my own iPhone, laptop, Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… whatever. Spending most of my time on these websites, I realized something: the more time goes by, the less people comment on things they like.
ERRATUM: the more time goes by, the less people comment INTERESTING things on posts they like. I mean, I do that too: tagging my friends on stupid Facebook images, commenting my friends’ posts and tweets… But I hardly never comment a YouTube video or a blog post I like or a Wattpad story I’ve read.

I understand that you don’t want to “like” or comment my posts. But I really wish you did because I’m asking questions in most of my posts (well, the only 2 I’ve posted so far) and I’d love to read your answers and what you think about what I write down… Please?

Anyway, I love you all even though you don’t answer me,

C.G xxx



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